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Does your team do standups, use burn-down and burn-up charts, collaborate and perform all agile ceremonies? … But despite this, are you still trying to implement the plans that were made one year ahead? When you integrate code, does it take you days, weeks, or maybe longer to release it? It’s water-scrum-fall. You better think about DevOps!

DevOps – Accelerate your business and build high performing teams

DevOps is the architecture, technological practices, and organizational culture that enable us to continuously deliver value to customers and users when they need it. DevOps allows you to radically accelerate producion changes, continuous experimentation and innovation, while ensuring world-class security, reliability and stability of the services provided.

Fig. Service Delivery Pipeline

OrganizDevOps allows you to break down Development and Operations silos, create multi-functional, self-managed and closely collaborating teams that optimize and automate the entire service delivery pipeline, resulting in more valuable results, faster and safer.

DevOps journey

Asseco Academy as a DevOps Institute Elite Partner provides a wide range of DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Agile Service Management training.

Fig. DevOps training accredited by DevOps Institute

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DevOps training courses

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We invite you to our webinars, during which our experts discuss the most important topics in the area of service management!

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