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Scrum for Everyone


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Course description

Duration of training: 3 days, 4 hours each.

The aim of the training is to prepare participants for effective and efficient work in Scrum – the most popular Agile framework. All participants will learn all the rules of Scrum and they will also put that knowledge info practice. In the end, everyone will be ready to work effectively in the Scrum Team.
In order to achieve the maximum benefits from working in Scrum, we propose the training “Scrum for Everyone”. Scrum is often referred to as “very simple to understand and very difficult to implement”. Our experienced trainers will share lessons from their many years of practice in Scrum projects, both large and small. Regardless of where and when you had the opportunity to discover Scrum and what is your current level of knowledge, we can guarantee that you will be comfortable with Scrum afterwards. We will even show you the most common good and bad practices.
We will discuss all the Scrum artifacts, show why all the events are required, what is their goal and what you and your team can achieve with them. We will show the nuances of the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner and we will also talk about all the responsibilities of the Development Team.
Whether you are going to work in a new Scrum Team, you already work in Scrum or you think about transitioning to Scrum, this is a complete Scrum experience. From the very basics, up to the intermediate topics, after those 3×4 hours you will be able to work in Scrum efficiently.


  • Learn all the rules of Scrum
  • Prepare for working in any role in the Scrum Team
  • Gain the skills for effective iterative work in an agile team
  • Ability to effectively use Scrum in a team

Target audience:

  • Present and future members of Scrum Teams
  • People who want to gain practical knowledge about the most popular agile framework, which is Scrum

Training program

  • Agile, Waterfall, Scrum
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Minimum Viable Product and iterative work
  • Definition of Scrum process
  • Scrum Framework – Artefacts, Values, Roles, Events
  • Increment, Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog
  • Scrum Team, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team
  • Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Review Meeting, Retrospective Meeting
  • The Sprint Goal
  • Estimations and Story Points
  • Scrum Prototyping – Scrum in practice

Additional information

Student pack includes:

  • Presentation

Organization of training:

  • Instructor-led Live Online Classes “Virtual classroom”
  • Training language: English
  • Material language: English
  • Group size: to 12 participants
  • Prerequisites: None

Additional information regarding participation in the Virtual class:

  • The training is conducted between 09:00 am and 12:30 pm or 13:30 pm and 17:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Prague, GMT+02:00)
  • Of the first day each participant should register for the training session 0,5 hour before
  • During the training day there will be several 10-minutes coffee breaks after each hour of training
  • training materials are distributed in a digital version

Training schedule


… If you value the opportunity to learn with a trainer and other students, from anywhere without traveling.

Training: Scrum_FE_EN

Scrum for Everyone

Additional info

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