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Scrum Master Tools Workshop


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Course description

Duration of training: 2 days, 4 hours each.

This is a practical workshop which builds on the basic knowledge of Scrum. It introduces the participants to the ins and outs of everyday work as a Scrum Master. Issues are presented in the form of lectures combined with numerous practical exercises, discussions and case studies.
The goal of the “Scrum Master Tools” Workshop is to increase the efficiency of the Scrum Master’s work. We offer it mainly for those Scrum Masters who have already gained some experience and are looking for practical techniques and tools that can help them in their daily work.
For new and seasoned Scrum Masters – get all the knowledge you need about Scrum and improve your Scrum Master toolbox. Some basic understanding of Scrum framework is required. The rest will be provided by our experienced trainers, who also spent many years working as Scrum Masters. They know what this is all about.


Additional benefit of participating in the workshop is the opportunity to learn and consult types of issues raised during the PSM exam (

Target audience:

The workshop is addressed to Scrum Masters, to people preparing for work as a Scrum Master, to team leaders and managers in organizations that use Agile methods.

Training program

  • Scrum and most common misconceptions
  • Ins and outs of the Scrum Master role
  • SM at Scrum Events
  • Practical and Empirical Sprint Planning
  • Effective Daily Scrum
  • Good Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective techniques
  • Scrum in big companies
  • Planning Releases
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Scrum Master’s Tools
  • Working with backlogs and dependencies
  • Soft skills for a good Scrum Master

Additional information

Student pack includes:

  • Presentation

Organization of training:

  • Instructor-led Live Online Classes “Virtual classroom”
  • Training language: English
  • Material language: English
  • Group size: to 12 participants
  • Prerequisites: None

Additional information regarding participation in the Virtual class:

  • The training is conducted between 09:00 am and 12:30 pm or 13:30 pm and 17:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Prague, GMT+02:00)
  • Of the first day each participant should register for the training session 0,5 hour before
  • During the training day there will be several 10-minutes coffee breaks after each hour of training
  • training materials are distributed in a digital version

Training schedule


… If you value the opportunity to learn with a trainer and other students, from anywhere without traveling.

Training: Scrum_MTW_EN

Scrum Master Tools Workshop

Additional info

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